Why AquaGuard 5000?

AquaGuard Completely Restores the Beauty of Your Pool

Top quality AquaGuard 5000 is an epoxy-based polymer that is reinforced with 100% solids. Its dual components, a resin and a hardener, create the perfect pool resurfacing product. AquaGuard 5000 has amazing chemical resistance to over 20 common chemicals that cause swimming pool deterioration. The thick-film coating produces a protective shield that appeals to pool professionals and homeowners alike and can be used in almost any type of aquatic environments. AquaGuard 5000 transforms a run-down, faded out, and cracked pool back into a thing of beauty. When the application is done it leaves a smooth, non-porous, watertight coating that protects and strengthens the pool. AquaGuard 5000 pool refinishing also means there is less maintenance to do and fewer chemicals to use in keeping the pool clean and beautiful. AquaGuard 5000 bonds readily and permanently to all pool surfaces. It is an FDA and VOC Compliant product.  All of this makes AquaGuard 5000 the number one product preferred by homeowners and commercial pool owners alike. Please view our complete AquaGuard 5000 Technical Spec Sheet for more information,

AquaGuard 5000 is easy to install making it the number one product used by many do-it-yourselfers. AquaGuard also provides a nationwide team of Certified Dealers and installers to help you bring the beauty back to your pool or spa.We are so confident in Aquaguard 500 that it comes with a 10 year or 15 year warranty based upon application.   Contact our team of pool professionals today and find out how easy it is to get your pool and spa back the way you want them.  Want to see more?  Check out our Photo Gallery for some stunning before and after pictures, read our Testimonials and then Shop for AquaGuard 5000.