Super Epoxy Injector System

AquaGuard Super Epoxy system is a self-leveling, non-sagging 2-part epoxy that is manufactured in 50 and 400 ml, 2:1 mix ratio tubes with Static Mixing Tips. This improves quality and reduces waste and materials needed.


Where to Use: 

• Adheres to Concrete & Fiberglass

• Steel Pools & Spas

• Installs Tiles, Bricks, Skimmer Crack Repair, Pool Light Cords, Drain Covers, Rope Hooks, Rebar Staples, Concrete Crack Repair


Can be used by Swimming Pool Mechanics, Plumbers, Boat Repair Companies, DIY Homeowners

Skimmer Repair 

Now you can inject AquaGuard Super epoxy a thermo setting, chemical proof, 2-part epoxy resin into cracked skimmers, loose bottom fittings, skimmer throats and loose tile replacement due to root damage, deck settling and storm damage. Nothing can be easier and more effective to return your job back to service in one day, 1/3 the cost of skimmer replacement and lasts for years.

(Color – White)

Crack Repairs 


Cracks in Swimming Pools & Spas have been an ongoing problem due to poor workmanship and pools settling or shifting. By installing Rebar Staples with AquaGuard Super Epoxy gives the installer a superior advantage over traditional compounds. AquaGuard Super epoxy is the only 21 chemical resistant protective coating with the highest rated flexural, comprehensive, tensible and bond strength in the Industry.

Click for Crack Repair Instructions

Super Epoxy Injector System Videos

Our Skimmer & Crack Repair Kits


Swimming Pools –  Marine – Plumbing

AquaGuard 400 ml dual component medium grade dispensing gun for larger jobs kit comes with 2 static mixing tips & a lock nut.

Pool crack repair and Skimmer repair

Underwater Repair, Non Sagging, PVC Fitting Repair

Kit includes; 


400 ML Cartridge

2-400 ML Tips

Locking Nut



Swimming Pools –  Marine – Plumbing

AquaGuard 50 ml dual component dispensing guns are for smaller jobs and kit comes with one static mixing tip and is a 2:1 mix ratio.

Underwater Repair, Non Sagging, PVC Fitting Repair

Kit includes; 


50 ML Cartridge

2-50 ML Tips


All Licensed Contractors Can Now Purchase our Super Epoxy Injectors though our Authorized Distributors


WMS Aquatics

Horner Express


“We deal mainly in concrete and plaster pools, most of which have extensive waterline tile, and tile lanelines and targets. The Aquaguard Super Epoxy injector system provides us with a much faster way to seal those tile lines before coating the pools.”

Daniel – The Complete Craftsman LLC, WA 

“We can be sure that Aquaguard Super Epoxy will meet or exceed our concrete repair needs on all our projects. Aquaguard Super Epoxy is so easy to use, the injector and gun designed for this product lets you use it over and over again. If you deal with concrete and concrete cracks, Aquaguard Super Epoxy is a must.”

Michael – Treasure Coast Surfaces, Inc., FL 

“Using the Super Epoxy Injector system has increased our productivity and is superior to any Silicone products on the market today. Your Company has out done itself with a quality product for our industry.”

Dustin – Aquatic Surface Pool Design Group, LLC, FL 

The AquaGuard Super Epoxy Dual component has simplified any time consuming job with ease of usage and cut back on loss of product due to over mixing. It is my first choice to utilize for filling in cracks, cuts or other usage that require epoxy. I highly recommend the AquaGuard Super Epoxy Dual component to my closest contractor friends.

Oscar – X-treme Concrete Coatings, NM 

“I wanted to take a moment and let you know how well the new repair material in the injector packaging is working. We have always been please with the Aquaguard repair material for the various uses on our gunite and fiberglass pool remodeling. The new injector dispenser now takes it to a whole new level of ease and time efficient application. My guys are now able to use this durable repair material with the injector in a more rapid and cost saving manner.”

Bret – Florida Pool Remodeling, FL