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Three Types of Pool Materials

Installing or resurfacing a pool is an exciting time that can also come with many challenging decisions. In working towards creating the backyard oasis of your dreams, you can be faced with choices you did not even realize you would need to make, such as pool materials and finishes. However, these materials, particularly your choice…


Does your fiberglass pool need to be resurfaced? Learn the why, what, and how behind fiberglass pool resurfacing.

Fiberglass Pool Resurfacing You may have noticed some cracks or chips in the surface of your fiberglass pool. Or you may have heard folks at your local pool supply store mentioned fiberglass pool resurfacing. Regardless of what piqued your curiosity, this article will guide you through everything you need to know about resurfacing a fiberglass…

Aquaguard 5000 Pool Paint video review

High Performance Pool Finish

High Performance Pool Finish by AquaGuard5000   Pool owners no longer have to be satisfied with old, cracking, leaking and unsightly pools. Now, AquaGuard 5000 has an affordable and long lasting solution.   The innovative experts at AquaGuard5000 have developed several new epoxy pool finishes that may be applied by the Do It Yourselfer by…