AquaGuard 5000 Coverage Chart

Per Unit

AquaGuard 5000 pool resurfacing coverage Chart

4 Gallon Unit

AquaGuard 5001 Primer/Sealer 650-850 Sq. Ft. Per Unit

3.7 Gallon Unit

AquaGuard 5000 Top Coat Roll on Application

650-850 Sq. Ft.

AquaGuard 5000 Top Coat Spray on Application

130. Sq. Ft.

Spray Application

40-60 Mil (DFT)

Roll Application (3 coats Necessary)

25-30 Mil (DFT)

Patch Kits –

1 Quart Kit  

4 Gal. Kit

2 per Residential Pool

4-6 per Residential Pool

Note:  All prices are quoted F.O.B. Jensen Beach, FL and are subject to change without notice.

Product Ordering and Shipping:

Aquatic Technologies Group, LLC requires a minimum of (3) working days’ notice prior to shipping standard orders.  All orders of ninety-six (96) units or more require a minimum of eight (8) working days prior notice.  All product orders will be shipped Prepaid Freight Collect via common carrier unless otherwise arranged with Aquatic Technologies, Inc.

Standard Terms of Payment:  Prepaid unless otherwise arranged prior to shipping.