Swimming Pool Finishes and Colors

Aquaguard 5000 Epoxy Pool Paint is Available in 9 Different Colors

To view how your pool may look point your mouse on one of the 9 different colors and the pool on the right will change to the approximate color.

Trust Aquatic Technologies for quality commercial or residential pool interior resurfacing/painting. AquaGuard 5000 offers the most luxurious pool finish in the world.

Actual colors may vary. See your AquaGuard 5000 Dealer  for actual sample or click here to purchase an actual sample board.  Contact Us at any time to get more information about how AquaGuard can restore your pool to it’s natural beauty!

AquaGuard 5000®is available in six fabulous colors: Pearl White, Gulf-stream Blue, Standard Blue, Midnight Black, and Stone Gray. And now there is the new “Designer Series” finishes: Aqua Brite, Aqua Gem and Aqua Diamond.

AquaGuard 5000 will restore your pool to beauty from classic black to elegant white; from designer Aqua Brite, Aqua Gem, or Aqua Diamond or to our beautiful cool blues.  Not only will your pool be beautiful again, the AquaGuard 5000 application will ensure strength and reliability using a natural approach to restored elegance.  If your pool is beginning to show signs of old age, or you are building a new pool, consider the many advantages of AquaGuard 5000 as a permanent solution to your pool problems.

No other Swimming pool paint or pool finish can compare to the beauty and long term durability of AquaGuard 5000.

DESIGNER SERIES: Available to Certified Applicators only. 

Swimming Pool Finishes and Color Gallery

Miami Blue


Gulfstream Blue


Bahama Blue

Ice Blue