Marine Habitats Restored by AquaGuard 5000. A high performance swiming pool resurfacing product.

Marine Habitat Resurfacing

AquaGuard 5000 is the premier choice for Marine Habitats all over the world.

Our high performance pool resurfacing product has been through rigorous certified laboratory testing procedures and has been certified for Commercial use and the State of Florida as non-leeching and safe for use in potable water tanks, surge tanks, and most importantly Marine Life Habitats. 

Safety is so important to us here at the Aquatic Technologies Group. When you choose AquaGuard 5000 as a surface coating, you can rest assured that in addition to being UV resistant to color fading, no harmful chemicals will ever leech into the water, no matter the environment. 

Over the years, AquaGuard 5000 has been used in tanks and habitats that house sea turtles, rays, sea lions, alligators, and other various types of coral and marine animals at rehabilitation and education centers in California, Grand Cayman, Florida and New York. In addition to looking beautiful for visitors, the marine experts working at these facilities know that their animals are in safe environments with no risk of harm to their skin, eyes or organs due to chemical leeching by AquaGuard 5000 into the water that these often endangered and vulnerable creatures live, breathe and drink in.