Black Cat or Pressure Pot Sprayers Instructions

  1. Open Pressure pot, insert 5 quart plastic bucket with ½ -64 oz Methol Ethol  Keytone (MEK) Solvent.
  2. Turn on Compressor to build pressure in the tank & gun (35 psi). Check for any leaks within the gun and hose connections.
  3. Open valve on top of the tank and spray the MEK solvent into a clean 5 gal. bucket. We will re-use for cleaning the sprayer when finished. Remove from pot.
  4. Pour 32 oz Part (a) AquaGuard 5000 resin color into a 5 quart plastic container, add 16 oz part (b) AquaGuard 5000 Hardener with 5 oz epoxy reducer (xylene).  Mix till uniform in color approximately one minute with a 1 gal. mixing paddle on a drill.
  5. Insert Container in pressure pot. Build pressure to 35 psi on both air and liquid gage.
  6. Spray the rest of the MEK Solvent in the hose into the 5 gal. bucket until AquaGuard 5000 comes through.
  7. Put tip guard on the gun. Do a test spot on plastic or cardboard prior to spraying on the Pool or Spa.
  8. Adjust gun air pressure on bottom of gun as needed to insure you only spray dots. Note: If air is too high you will have a dot with a mist behind it. We want Dots ONLY.
  9. Spray walls & stair risers first. Stay 18-24” back while moving your gun hand in a small circular motion. Once complete move back to deep end floor and walk backwards out of pool.
  10. Spray stair treads and rim of Fiberglass Pool from the Deck.
  11. Once done bleed the air from the pressure pot, remove the bucket and unused material, wipe the stem clean with MEK Solvent Rag & discard. Put clean MEK in a clean 5 quart container, put back in pressure pot, spray through hose and gun till its clean. Run new MEK through machine 2-3 times till clean. Remove gun and clean as needed, apply WD40.


  • 3 – Plastic 5 Quart Measuring Containers
  • 1 – 1 Quart Xylene (Epoxy Reducer)
  • 2- Gallons MEK Solvent
  • Rags
  • 1 – 5 Gallon Empty Bucket
  • Drill with a 1 gal. mixing paddle
  • Black Cat Sprayer or Pressure Pot System, Hoses and Gun

Black Cat Portable Dot Sprayer


Black Cat Portable Dot Sprayer

The C.A. Technologies BC100H BLACK CAT is a portable HVLP paint pressure pot system that allows the user to spray with a constant 10 psi at the gun, unlike competitive units. The 3 H.P. V-Twin oil-less compressor is quiet and a proven workhorse. Match that with our 2.5 gallon pressure tank, cart, 25 air and fluid hose and Lynx L100H and you have the most uniquely designed portable unit available.  Includes 1 Gallon of AquaGuard 5000 Black.

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