AquaGuard 5000 Pool Paint for Residential Pools

AquaGuard Application Adds 10 to 15 Years of Life to Your Pool

Why Homeowners Prefer AquaGuard 5000® for Residential Pools

AquaGuard 5000® pool refinishing (pool paint) stands out. AquaGuard, is the #1 product for restoring residential swimming pools and spas. AquaGuard products offer the highest state of the art epoxy coatings and pool resurfacing material. Thousands of homeowners all across the nation have restored their pools to look better than new. AquaGuard is used to refinish fiberglass, concrete, plaster, block and steel swimming pools and spas.

Why Not Just Use Plaster?

Homeowners will find that AquaGuard 5000® is much stronger than plaster and much easier to apply.  AquaGuard has its own structural integrity regardless of what it is applied to, while plaster is brittle and relies upon the surfaces it is applied to for most of its strength.  Common failures with re-plastered pools include cracking, chipping and “pop-offs”. These occur because new plaster applied to an existing gunite or plaster pool does not bond well. The flexible characteristics of AquaGuard 5000® allow it to withstand earth movement and shifts in a swimming pool much longer, while plaster will crack and chip sometimes almost immediately.

AquaGuard 5000® is nonporous providing superior resistance to stains, algae, and discoloration. The two most common pool stains, copper oxide and calcium, adhere to plaster’s porous surface and are almost impossible to remove entirely. Acid washing is the only way to fight these stains. This method damages the pool surface each time making it more susceptible to both staining and algae. It is common for plaster to discolor within a few short months which gives an uneven pattern to the look of the pool surface. AquaGuard 5000’s finish coat gives each pool a uniform color and will stay this way for the life of the surface. Re-plastering will usually last only 5-7 yrs. The average AquaGuard 5000® pool last 15-20 years resulting in less money spent over the lifetime of your pool. For this reason AquaGuard comes with a ten year to 15 year warranty based upon application method; whereas most re-plastering companies only offer a three or four year warranty at best.

Pool Resurfacing With AquaGuard 5000
Pool Resurfacing With AquaGuard 5000 Pool Paint

Lower Maintenance Costs With AquaGuard 5000®

Since organic material is more easily removed from the pool, less chlorine is needed to maintain an acceptable residual. No lye or alkaline chemicals are absorbed into the pool water from AquaGuard 5000® so proper pH is easier to maintain. A pool with an AquaGuard 5000® finish is easier to clean, brush and vacuum. All of this will result in the water appearing a truer blue and more inviting.

AquaGuard 5000® is a proven product that has been used for many years in commercial applications at resorts, YMCAs, city pools, hotels, colleges, condominiums, apartments, parks and even at the Navy Seals training pool. That’s why we know it will work better for you, the residential pool owner.

AquaGuard for the Do-It-Yourselfer

Are you the kind of person that wants to take on home improvement projects yourself? Welcome to the AquaGuard support network. On this website we provide you some handy tools like our free Pool Area Calculator to make sure yet order the exact quantity you need. We also provide complete AquaGuard application tutorial and a Video Library to help you get started.

If all else fails, contact our Dealer Support Network to talk to a Certified AquaGuard Dealer or drop us a note on our Support Page. We are here to make your project a success!

Take a look at our compelling Before and After photos, read our Reviews and then Contact US or Buy AquaGuard 5000® in our online store to find out how well AquaGuard will satisfy your pool reconditioning needs.