Non-Slip Textured Application FS 454.1 Chapter 4

“Slip resistant” means having a textured surface which is not conducive to slipping under contact of bare feet unlike glazed tile or masonry terrazzo and nontextured plastic materials. Manufactured surface products shall be designated by the manufacturer as suitable for walking surfaces in wet areas.

Install a qualified slip-resistant finish on final coat to all pool stairwells, beach entries, Interactive Water Features, and other high traffic areas. Immediately after applying AquaGuard 5000 epoxy topcoat. This is required for all commercial or co-operative swimming pools to assist in the prevention of accidents ingress or egress points in a pool. Our process of evenly applying, in a broadcast fashion, non-skid ultra-pure fine grain Silica or sand* additive to all walk around gutters or entry points, stairs, and thresholds all to the 5′ mark of the pool depth assures proper slip resistance as proven to documented test results. An even broadcast application can bee visually verified to further assures maximum slip resistance in accordance with safety standards where a dynamic coefficient of friction is required to prevent sipping. Applying multiple layers of sip-resistant material is not required as the broadcast application procedure visually assures an even application where only the first layer of slip resistant material bonds with the AquaGuard 5000 topcoat. *We can also supply this product if needed.