Basement Sealer with AquaGuard 5000

#1 AquaGuard 5000® Basement Coating and Waterproofing Sealers

High-quality basement sealer products are a must for anyone with a damp basement. This is a common problem, but one that is easily addressed. Because of the fact that basements are touching damp ground, it is logical that they also vulnerable to leaks and moisture. That’s why so many people look to basement waterproofing to fix the problem. The AquaGuard® basement sealer creeps into the concrete capillary in the walls and floor of your basement. It expands and forms an effective waterproof barrier on the surfaces it touches. The final product even looks good. It is a far cry from peeling paint that doesn’t bond to concrete. Aquatic Technologies LLC has over 43 years of experience in waterproofing products and dealing with pool coatings that must withstand harsh chemicals. Its waterproofing products transfer nicely to basement sealers.

surface your basement with aquaguard5000basement-sealer

AquaGuard® Basement Coating Application

AquaGuard® basement sealer is easy enough for do-it-yourselfers to be able to apply it. There are minimal fumes, less than even regular latex paint. It is also VOC compliant. However, you will find that a large number of clients will prefer to hire a professional installer to take care of their basement waterproofing project.

Detailed instructions on applying our basement sealer are available on our website for clients who choose the do-it-yourself route. For clients requiring installation, a quote is always necessary. The cost to you the installer will be quite different if you are waterproofing a new basement that is in excellent shape or if you are waterproofing one that has already begun to leak. You will need to start by drying out the basement and repairing cracks and this may take time.

Following the preparation of the basement, the thermosetting epoxy primer can be installed with a roller. Next you will apply the wall and floor coating in a relatively thick, uninterrupted layer. You may also have to spray or roll on a second coating to ensure an effective seal if the concrete is very porous. Alternatively you can use the 2-3 coat roll-on process. The AquaGuard® finished product is a monolithic shell that resists the impacts of floods and hurricanes, guaranteed.

AquaGuard® Basement Waterproofing Sealer Benefits

basementsealerAquaGuard® basement sealer will give your customers a dry, waterproof basement in addition to a myriad of other benefits. The concrete is saturated and sealed by the product to give it extra strength. The seal that is formed on the concrete is actually a flexible one to make movement possible without damaging the foundation. It will even resist damage from freezing and thawing from the temperature outside.

The seal created by AquaGuard® creates an insulating barrier in the basement to help keep both heat and cold from escaping the home. The non-porous nature of the basement sealer protects the building from radon gas entering through the basement. The finish AquaGuard® creates is smooth and attractive and matches any décor. For the individual looking to finish their basement, waterproofing is the place to start.

The AquaGuard® basement sealer is a 100% solids-reinforced, epoxy phenolic resin. It has a very low viscosity. The product was created based on the most recent findings in phenalkamine technologies. AquaGuard® basement sealer provides top of the line water resistance and excellent bonding for long lasting and useful basement waterproofing.