Pool Resurfacing with AquaGuard Pool Paint Products


Pool Resurfacing with AquaGuard Pool Paint Products7  Steps to Pool Heaven With AquaGuard

Step 1 Pool Preparation

We prepare the pool by acid and power washing the surface to remove contaminants. We then fill in all cracks and voids and cut seal lines around all fittings and accessories.

Step 2: AquaGuard 5001 Primer

After preparing the surface, the AquaGuard 5001 is applied. AquaGuard 5001 is a unique product developed by Aquatic Technologies Group, LLC to create the strongest cohesive bond possible AquaGuard 5001 is specifically designed to penetrate the tiny pores in the surface that is being treated. This enhances cohesion of the AquaGuard 5001 coating to the pool, providing an ultra tight barrier to any aquatic surface.

Step 3: Application of AquaGuard Plus

Next, We now carefully apply 1.5 oz. reinforced corning fiberglass matt hand applied with AquaGuard 5001 moisture tolerant epoxy resin.  This will give AquaGuard 5000 added strength to the surface.

Step 4: Surface Prep

Check the surface for uniformity and no defects.  Re-sand entire surface for proper adhesion of the AquaGuard 5000 System.

Step 5: Smoothing the Surface 

During this step we will check over our work to address any imperfections. Apply AquaGuard 5000 Trowel mix to all edges and seams for a perfect consistent surface.

Step 6: Finishing Coat

Now we wipe down the entire surface with MEK Solvent to cleanse the surface to insure an anchor profile.  We will spray apply AquaGuard 5000 40-60 ml (DFT).  Note:  Some contractors will roll apply 3 coats to achieve an application of 25-30 ml (DFT)

Step 7:  Fill Pool

Fill and balance pool 24 hours after applying the last coat of AquaGuard 5000.

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