Commercial and Residential Swimming Pool Crack repair with AquaGuard Crack repair systems. The swimming pool crack repair products are simple to use and come with online instructional video.

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4″ Roller Cage with Naps

$8.92 $6.85

4″ Roller Cage with Naps

Paint Roller Frame,

Roller Length 4 In.,

Cage Style, Overall Length 12 In.,

Universal Threaded Handle, Handle Material Plastic,

Shank Wire Size 1/4 In., Shank Material Steel, Chrome Plating,

Paint Type All Paints

Biaxial Fiberglass 50″ Wide


Biaxial Fiberglass 50″ Wide

Product Description

Biaxial Fabric is non-woven. It consists of two layers that are stitched together, and instead of laying the strands at a 90 degree angle, they are laying at a 45 degree angle to each other.

1708 is E-glass Biaxial (+/-45) with a 3/4 ounce chopped strand mat backing.

Using Biaxial fiberglass cloth means less resin is necessary.

It also gives you the ability to lay the fibers in the direction you want, and has excellent conforming qualities(it goes around corners well) .

The fabric and the mat work together to make a very strong end product.

Used where strong stiff and smooth laminate with equal strength in two directions is desired. Good wet out, and quick thickness build up. Excellent resin to reinforcement ratio.

this is the lowest price for first quality, factory fresh 1708 biaxial mat.

orders of up to 50 yds can be shipped UPS, larger orders will be shipped truck freight.

Biaxial Fiberglass Cloth 6″ wide, 17 oz.


Biaxial Fiberglass Cloth 6″ wide, 17 oz.

Biaxial fabric consists of two layers stitched together, with their fiber strands lying at +/- 45 degrees to the edges (instead of along the roll and across at 90 degrees, as with plain weave fiberglass fabrics). “1708” indicates the weight of each layer. For example, the +/- 45 biaxial weave cloth is 17 oz. per square yard, and the mat backing is 8 oz. per square yard, so the total weight is 25 oz. per square yard.


  • Biaxial fabric requires less resin, and conforms easily

  • Flat, non-crimped fibers result in less print-through and greater stiffness than woven fabrics

Waterway Pool VGB 9″ x 9″ Main Drain – Frame & Grate


Waterway Pool VGB 9″ x 9″ Main Drain – Frame & Grate

Waterway grates and frames are compliant with the Virginia Graeme-Baker Pool and Spa Safety Act (ASME/ANSI A112.19.8-2007) and are UL Certified. They are designed for single or multiple drain use.

  • Dimensions: 9″ x 9″ Square.
  • Floor Flow Rate: 289 gpm at 2.33 ft./sec.
  • Wall Flow Rate: 198 gpm at 1.59 ft./sec.
  • Flow Rate at 1.5 ft./sec.: 186.
  • Total Open Area: 39.9 sq. inches.
Pool crack repair and Skimmer repairPool crack repair and Skimmer repair

400 ML Injector Dispensing Gun Kit – Concrete & Fiberglass Crack Repair Kit

$186.98 $184.50


AquaGuard Super Epoxy is Chemical Resistant Non-Sagging Epoxy Injector System that can be used on Concrete, Fiberglass and Carbon Steel Swimming Pools. Use it to install tile and Mosaics; to set Rebar Dowels & Staples. It will set Wall Hooks & Hand Holds. It repairs cracks in Concrete, Fiberglass and Skimmers.

Includes 1 400 ml Cartridge & 2 tipS & 1 nut.  Extra Cartridges, tips & nuts available to purchase separately

Pool Crack reapair and Skimmer repairPool Crack reapair and Skimmer repair

50 ML Injector Dispensing Gun Kit – Pool Crack Repair


Dispenses AquaGuard 5000 Trowel Repair Super Epoxy

Used for Concrete and Fiberglass Pool Crack Repair | Pool Skimmer Repair

AquaGuard Super Epoxy is a chemical resistant, non-sagging epoxy injector system that can be used on concrete, fiberglass and carbon steel swimming pools. Use it to install tile and Mosaics; to set Rebar Dowels & Staples or as a grout. It will also set Wall Hooks & Hand Holds. It repairs large and small cracks in Concrete, Fiberglass and Skimmers.

Includes 1- 50 ml Cartridge & 2 tips.  Extra Cartridges & tips available to purchase separately.

AquaGuard Pool Grip


AquaGuard Pool Grip™

The perfect non-skid surface for your pool and spa entryways.

6.4 oz. Container.   AquaGuard Pool Grip is a micronized polymer clear spheres that creates a safe textured non-skid surface for pool and spa stair entryways. Can be used on all painted and concrete surfaces. Recommend sprinkle applied on Final Coat.

1 gallon Mixing Paddle


This 23.5 in. steel mixing paddle fits up to a 1/2 in. chuck. Perfect for fast, easy mixing of thin set, grout, and other materials. Includes: mixing paddle.


AquaGuard 5001- Pool Paint PrimerAquaGuard 5001- Pool Paint Primer

Protected: AquaGuard 5001 Pool Paint Primer – Part B Only


AquaGuard 5001 – Part B Only – Pool Paint Primer

AquaGuard 5001 Provides Years of Beauty and Protection for Your Pool

One Gallon Only (Part B)  –  AquaGuard Protective Sealer This is a two-component system: First you apply one coat of AquaGuard protective sealer. Wait a minimum of 24 hours for pool refinishing sealer to thoroughly to dry. Complete pool resurfacing by applying 3 coats of AquaGuard 5000 protective coating. Requires 1 coat. One unit covers from 600 – 700 ft, depending upon the porosity of the concrete.

Performance Benefits:

  • Roll-on application
  • Easy to apply.
  • Thick, durable wear-resistant finish
  • Excellent bond strength
  • Smooth non-porous finish
  • No Fiberglass cloth required
  • Strengthens concrete and seals leaks

Wait a minimum of 6-24 Hours, and then apply 2-3 coats of AquaGuard 5000.

Blue Fire 4.5″ 60 Grit Turbo Sanding Disc-Box of 5

  • This Sanding Disc is great for removing Blisters on Fiberglass Pools.
  • Proprietary new grain shape and chemistry provide 15+% longer life and faster cut rate than existing zirconia alumina products
  • Polyester flaps improve durability
  • Durable, yet lightweight fiberglass back discs are high strength, lightweight, and absorb vibration
  • Easily trimmable flexible plastic back discs are conformable , and use less pressure at peak performance
  • Semi-open coat minimizes loading on soft metals (aluminum, brass, and bronze) and wood, as well as stainless steel and carbon steel
  • Available in retail packs (as well as original sturdy cartons) that are ideal for walk-in business displays and small jobs

R & R White Tile Adhesive

$12.47 $11.12

The durable tile adhesive and tile grout stretch with pool movement, thus preventing grout cracks. The silicone rubber grout adheres each tile to its neighbor making it virtually impossible for a tile to dislodge. It also waterproofs, resists stains, and contains a fungicide to retard mildew & algae growth, thus creating an almost maintenance-free surface.

In addition, the frost-proof tiles and the silicones used to perform these installations can withstand temperature extremes of  –50F to +350F and are unaffected by normal pool chemicals.

The proven solution for most pool & spa applications with the best adhesion and compatibility with most common substrates. This adhesive is a one-part RTV silicone adhesive specially formulated for the adhesion of ceramic tile, fiber optics, valves, jet handles, etc. This low odor, neutral cure silicone provides excellent adhesion of ceramic, glass, porcelain and stone tiles to fiberglass pools.


Typical Values:
Tack Free Time (min) 5-15
Full Cure (hour) 24-72


Estimating Requirements:
R  & R  Silicone Adhesive coverage is measured in square feet per cartridge.

Application Coverage (approx.)
1/8″ standard notch trowel 4 square feet
1/4″ silicone bead 3.5 to 4 square feet
*When applying silicone beads on the backside of tile, ensure uniform and complete coverage on every tile!

Visqueen Plastic SheetingVisqueen Plastic Sheeting

Visqueen Plastic Sheeting


Visqueen Plastic Sheeting

12′ X 100′ roll

Use as a temporary tarp as a drop cloth when painting your pool project, to cover concrete as it sets, to line decorative ponds and many more construction projects.

Cartridge Tips & Nuts for Dispensing Guns


Cartridge Tips & Nuts for Dispensing Guns

400 ml cartridge tips can be purchased as a kit (with nut) or separately in quantities: sets of 5 per bag up to 50 tips per bag.  Nuts must be purchased in sets of 3 per bag up to 50 per bag.

50 ml cartridge tips can be purchased in sets: 5 per bag up to 50 tips per bag.

AquaGuard Super Epoxy 400 ml Injector System Cartridge


Install tile, Mosaics & Grout with AquaGuard Super Epoxy Injector Repair Kits

Chemical Resistant

Non sagging – Holds on Vertical Surface

  • Install tile, Mosaics & Grout
  • Set Rebar Dowels
  • Set Wall Hooks & Hand Holds
    Concrete | Fiberglass | Carbon Steel
    Non-Sagging – holds on Vertical Surface
    • Installs Tile, Mosaics & Grout
    • Set Rebar Dowels & Staples
    • Set Wall Hooks & Hand Holds
    • Concrete Crack Repair
    • Fiberglass Repair
    • Skimmer Repair
    Surface must be clean and dirt free.