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Biaxial Fiberglass 50″ Wide


Biaxial Fiberglass 50″ Wide

Product Description

Biaxial Fabric is non-woven. It consists of two layers that are stitched together, and instead of laying the strands at a 90 degree angle, they are laying at a 45 degree angle to each other.

1708 is E-glass Biaxial (+/-45) with a 3/4 ounce chopped strand mat backing.

Using Biaxial fiberglass cloth means less resin is necessary.

It also gives you the ability to lay the fibers in the direction you want, and has excellent conforming qualities(it goes around corners well) .

The fabric and the mat work together to make a very strong end product.

Used where strong stiff and smooth laminate with equal strength in two directions is desired. Good wet out, and quick thickness build up. Excellent resin to reinforcement ratio.

this is the lowest price for first quality, factory fresh 1708 biaxial mat.

orders of up to 50 yds can be shipped UPS, larger orders will be shipped truck freight.

Biaxial Fiberglass Cloth 6″ wide, 17 oz.


Biaxial Fiberglass Cloth 6″ wide, 17 oz.

Biaxial fabric consists of two layers stitched together, with their fiber strands lying at +/- 45 degrees to the edges (instead of along the roll and across at 90 degrees, as with plain weave fiberglass fabrics). “1708” indicates the weight of each layer. For example, the +/- 45 biaxial weave cloth is 17 oz. per square yard, and the mat backing is 8 oz. per square yard, so the total weight is 25 oz. per square yard.


  • Biaxial fabric requires less resin, and conforms easily

  • Flat, non-crimped fibers result in less print-through and greater stiffness than woven fabrics