Large Injector Dispensing Gun (400 ml Cartridge)


Large Injector Dispensing Gun for 400 ml Cartridges (Green)

Super Epoxy Injector System (400 ml Gun Only)

Use for Pool Crack Repair and Skimmer Repair

Where to Use: 

• Adheres to Concrete & Fiberglass

• Steel Pools & Spas

• Installs Tiles, Bricks, Skimmer Crack Repair, Pool Light Cords, Drain Covers, Rope Hooks, Rebar Staples, Concrete Crack Repair

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Large Injector Dispensing Gun for 400 ml Cartridges (Green)



I own pool resurfacing and repair company in Washington State. We deal mainly in concrete and plaster pools, most of which have extensive waterline tile and tile lane-lines and targets. The AquaGuard Super Epoxy injector system provides us with a much faster way to seal those tile lines before coating the pools. We’ve also used the injectors to apply tile to walls, fill concrete cracks, and install retrofitted buoy-line anchors. The injectors also provide failsafe way to get resin-to-hardener mixing ratios correct which had been a problem for us in the past when mixing traditional trowel mix. I highly recommend AguaGuard Super Epoxy!

Daniel R.

Washington State


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Additional information

Weight 6 lbs
Dimensions 14 × 10 × 5 in