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Fiberglass Swimming Pool Repair, Resurfacing and RestorationFiberglass Swimming Pool Repair, Resurfacing and Restoration

Portable Dot Sprayer


Portable Dot Sprayer

This new reusable system can be used to repaint your home, fence, driveway or any other DIY projects.  Cost of Sprayer is $800.00 and comes complete with 1 gallon of AquaGuard 5000 Black Top Coat.  Kit will spray up to 1,200 sq. ft. of surface.


  • Central Pneumatic 2 ½ gal. pressure tank
  • 25’ dual hoses, ¼” air & 3/8” fluid
  • Dual Fluid & Air Tank Gauge’s
  • HVLP Cast Aluminum Spray Gun with Adjustable Air Control and Tip (Controls dot or Splatter Pattern)

**NOTE**   Requires minimum 2 Hp-6 cfm air compressor