DIY Pool Crack RepairHow to Repair a Crack in Your Pool

Finding a crack in the shell of your pool can come as quite a shock for most property owners. The good thing is, cracks typically aren’t something you need to lose sleep over.

Unfortunately, cracks in the shell of a pool are a common occurrence. Cracks in the pool are similar to cracks in your driveway or sidewalk.

Fortunately, most cracks can be easily repaired without draining the pool or racking up several service hours and a hefty repair bill.

Extreme usage or accidents can be the cause behind some swimming pool cracks. To understand the other common causes, let’s switch our focus back to driveways and sidewalks.

The ground under your pool can settle and shift as time goes on.

If you have a concrete pool shell, change in atmospheric temperature can be one of your worst enemies. As the temperature changes, the concrete expands and contracts. The expansion and contraction can lead to cracks that are fairly deep but usually able to be fixed in short order.

Poor workmanship is also a leading cause of cracks or fiberglass and concrete pools.

The process for repairing a crack in your pool varies depending on the material the shell is made out of and the severity of the crack.

DIY Repairs

Not every tree one requires calling in a professional. If the crack isn’t too severe, you can take care of it with a few tools and a tube of Aquaguard 5000.

Minor Crack

Fixing a minor crack is not a huge job. They’re usually something you can fix with a couple of tools, and in less than an hour, you’ll have the satisfaction of a job well done.

The Process

Start with a flat head screwdriver, a scrub brush, and a pack of Aquaguard 5000.

Use the flat head screwdriver to scrape the inside of the crack clean.

Use a scrub brush to remove dirt, algae, and bacteria.

Fill the crevice with Aquaguard

Take care of these three simple steps, and your pool should be good as new.

Complex Crack

When you’re dealing with complex cracks, there are a few more aspects to be taken into consideration. The pool needs to be drained. You’ll need to take special care to maintain the continuity of the pool shell’s color around the area of the crack.

The Process

Drain the pool. Then locate the relief plugs and chisel away any material preventing you from pulling out the plugs.

Take your grinder and make the crack wider. For small cracks, you can use a masonry drill. (When using a grinder or a drill be sure to wear eye protection)

As you widen the crack you want to make it wider at the bottom and narrow at the top.

Once you’ve created a dovetail shape at the base of the crack use fresh water to clean out any debris or residue.

Before applying the patching material, be sure to read and understand the directions fully.

Now is the time to apply the Aquaguard 5000.

Get a Professional

Even the handiest do-it-yourselfer will reach a point where they need to call in a pro.

Severe Cracks

If your crack covers a substantial part of your pool shell, it’s a wise idea to call on a professional. Even the most severe cracks are likely repairable. Just like bodywork on your car after an accident, it is simply a matter of how far you’re willing to go with the repair.

Don’t Put It Off

It’s tempting to put off repairing a crack in your pool especially if it’s at the end of the season. However, putting off the repair is one of the worst decisions in pool owner can make. It’s more than just wasted water.

Many cracks are likely to worsen over time.

Leaking water could wash out the fill supporting the pool.

Damage to your plumbing system could occur.

Waiting could also damage your deck or other hardscape items around the pool.